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Stripes foreverrr

It doesn’t really fit in the ‘Tribute’ theme but I really wanted to share this photo regardless. We frolicked about in the sunshine one afternoon shooting a whole roll of film of just the two of us. It was a lot fun being a little naughty in a public place.

This photo is incredible, it’s fucking perfect actually. And with that beard and those rolled up cut off shorts, I can easily imagine I’m the lucky guy underneath the incredibly talented and sexy lady. There is one thing to choose a photo which to emulate, and there is a whole other thing to create a photo so beautiful that you inspire others to share their own. This is one of those photos, and it’s an honour to get to post it here. Thanks so much dear. I can’t wait to see more from this shoot. 
"I don’t trust or love anyone. Because people are so creepy. Creepy creepy creeps. Creeping around. Creeping here and creeping there. Creeping everywhere. Crippity crappity creepies."
Vincent Gallo (via nyjahatuatao)

(Source: cultureclashmarvel, via nyjahatuatao)

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